Free Photo Fridge Magnets!!!

Yes, we will make a free digital photo enhanced fridge magnet for you!!!

Q: What is a fridge magnet?

A: A fridge magnet is a magnet that you can stick to your fridge or any metallic surface.

Q: How can I use my free fridge magnet?

A: You can use your free fridge magnet to hold up kid's drawings, appointment notes, recipe cards, coupons, and anything else on your fridge. The fridge magnet can also be used on metal lockers, on metal car surfaces, and metal lunchboxes. It will stick to anything metallic!!!

Q: What is a free digital photo enhanced fridge magnet?

A: It is a magnet that we will make for you from any picture, drawing, or snapshot.

Q: Are there any size restrictions for my pictures to make my free fridge magnet?

A: Yes!!! We can use any picture up to size 8" x 10" inches to make your free fridge magnet!!!

Q: How do I get my picture to you?

A: Take any picture of your choice, and send it in an insulated envelope, or wrap it carefully in bubblepack plastic. Be sure to write "Don't Bend" on the envelope.

Q: Where do I send my picture to get my free photo fridge magnet?

A: Please fill out the simple form on the next page and send your picture with it.

Q: Can I get a free fridge magnet for my company or store?

A: Yes!!! You can have one magnet made with your store or company logo. Simply send us a picture of your company logo or sign.

Q: Is this free fridge magnet really free?

A: Yes!!! The fridge magnet is free with no strings attached!!! If you want to send $2.00 to help with processing and postage, that would be greatly appreciated. If you don't want to send any money, that is also fine. We will still send you a free fridge magnet made from your picture. We will even return your picture with the magnet with no charges and no strings attached.

Q: Why am I waiting so long to send you my picture, so that I can get my free photo fridge magnet?

A: I don't know. You better send your picture right away before we change our minds.

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